Podcast #108: Welcome Back Joel!

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Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast #108 recorded Thursday, May 4, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today’s podcast is brought to you by peanut butter and Stack Overflow Enterprise. Visit stackoverflowbusiness.com for more details. In today's episode:

  • Joel is back! After a month-long surgery hiatus, Joel is back to talk about how much better the podcast is when he's gone. There also may be some ranting about hospitals and the Apple Health app.
  • The right way to pronounce "hummus.”
  • Our Developer Story is prolific programmer and author Sarah Drasner, whose full biography is too numerous to list here (However Jay does try to say them all, more info in links below). She tells us all about how she got into programming and design, and she explains to a very excited David the awesomeness that is SVG animation and CodePen.
  • Have you ever wanted to ask Joel a question? Now's your chance! Tweet your question to @stackpodcast and he will choose a few to answer on his next episode. Feel free to ask him about 30 Rock, as he just binged the entire series.

This week's Stack Overflow Constitution question is: Should you throw away the sub-liner on yogurt and hummus containers? Listen to what the hosts have to say and chime in with your own answers by tweeting to us using #stackoverflowpodcast. Answer with PRO if you throw the sub-liner away, or CON if you think that you should leave the subliner on for that extra bit of protection. The winner will be the answer that make us giggle the most and can be from the winning or losing side.

Last week's winner, for the totally clear and not-at-all confusing question, "On what day of the week does 'this weekend' and 'next weekend' mean something different?" is:


Congrats Timothy, you get brand new Stack Overflow Podcast branded stickers!


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