A Dive Into Stack Overflow Jobs Search

About two years ago, a significant event happened at Stack Overflow: a new system, named Providence, was released. Providence would allow us to tell which technologies a visitor is interested in, and measure the “fitness” between a visitor and a job. The release of Providence marked a stepping stone in Stack Overflow’s continuous effort to be “smarter” and invest in data science, and it was only the beginning.

Aurélien Gasser, a developer on the Stack Overflow Jobs team, has detailed the long road towards building the greatest developer job search tool on the internet in his Medium post, A Dive Into Stack Overflow Jobs. It’s a deep-dive into the technology, tools, and experiments utilized by the Jobs team in search of the secret sauce that would match you with your perfect job, every time.

As a developer on the Jobs team, I started working on using this new power to help you find a new, better job. My adventures in doing so is what this blog post will (mostly) be about.”

>> Read Aurélien’s post

Whether you’re searching for a role as a C++ developer, Ruby on rails programmer, or Salesforce administrator, we have listings for you.


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  1. Sheikh Subtain Ishfaq says:

    Amazing platform and with efficient job filtering

  2. I really need to take a better look at the jobs section just to get a feel for what there is to do in the industry. I’m not a professional programmer (I’m a chemistry major), but I’ve found learning to code to be very helpful in my field. Perhaps one day I may use this platform to hire or even find myself coding more and start to look for a job in programming.

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