New Stack Overflow Footer & About Pages Launch Today

If you go anywhere on today, you’ll notice a brand new footer, new About pages, and possibly a few other surprises we’re still testing out (not everyone will see these yet).

Back in February, we updated our top navigation, and today’s changes follow in the footsteps of this effort. We wanted to make it easier for developers to find what they need so they can learn, share, and build their careers. We also needed to make our company information more accessible to press, and to surface our product offerings for customers.

As an example of why we’re prioritizing these updates, check out our old footer. It was a bit of a labyrinth:

We hope the new one gives you a smarter guide:

We’re excited to continue our work improving your experience with Stack Overflow; stay tuned for more changes. Ideas on what could be better or see any bugs? Please let us know on Meta using the [bug], [feature-request], or [design] tags.


Kaitlin Pike

Kaitlin Pike ran Stack Overflow’s Developer Marketing Team. She also served as the executive producer of The Stack Overflow Podcast.

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  • Andrew Diamond

    Hey it’s not super massive anymore! What a thing!

  • Hogan Long

    But then the footer on this page is different — ahhh the irony.

    • Robert Dundon

      Looks like this blog is using WordPress, and SO has its own bespoke stack

  • Great idea!

  • Yahav Burstein

    I thought Stack Overflow is part of Stack Exchange, network of sites, which **should have the same design**. You work really hard to make Stack Overflow different, and appear to NOT be part of the network. Well done.

    • Oded

      6-8 weeks and they will have it. Just need to work through the different site designs to make sure the footer works with each, then they will be assimilated!

      • Yahav Burstein

        Thanks, but what about the top bar?

        • Oded

          Also in the works. Again, lots of site designs to work through.

  • Peter Taylor

    “Jobs” and “Developer Jobs Directory”: what’s the difference? I would guess that one’s the general jobs page and the other is for jobs at Stack Exchange, but just to confuse me that’s “Work Here”.

  • Thomas

    More line-height in the title please 😛

  • Joe Friend

    Hogan & Yahav, We are working on updating the footers across the full range of sites (Stack Exchange, SO Blog, etc). We have enough sites that it takes a little time to get to all of them.

  • Máté Juhász

    Lot of useful updates indeed. I understand stackoverflow is probably the most important site of the network, however many users would appreciate some improvements on other sites and also in mobile view too.

  • Lundin

    This is the biggest thing since the new top bar! SO is really the cutting edge of the latest bar technology! I would propose to pool resources on the question quality bar next.

    • Toby

      Ha! Gotta love a pool bar 😉

  • Kemcho

    I can now foresee a new design trend, accordions in footer.

  • michaelprflores

    Been enjoying these new UI features. Great work!

  • Alexandru Cancescu

    It’s just a footer…

  • sklivvz

    This has probably been beaten to death internally, but: what about the network sites?

    • Joe Friend

      Network sites are great. We frequently test out changes on Stack Overflow and then take them live to all the network sites after we’ve worked out all the kinks.

    • Oded

      On their way – need to finalize design on those (yay to all those themes!), make sure all the links make sense on them (don’t want to link “questions” just to Stack Overflow…) and then -> out they go.

      The plan was to first release on SO, tweak/fix as needed, then, when we are happy with that, check how it looks everywhere else and release everywhere.

      • sklivvz

        <3 so you got the footer again after a few years. LOL.

  • Hossam azzaoui
  • LorenzoAdinolfi

    great solution!
    I have a technical question, how do you install the same footer on every site? By manually install the code on each site?
    and how do you maintain in sync the footer on every site if you need to change something?
    thank you

    • oldmate

      Header, navigation and footer would be a server side include (just google php, php includes) and the page that includes it would be a template.. The only thing that changes is the questions in the middle of the page, and the recent questions down the right sidebar etc. (which would be pulled out of a database)

      By including the footer, they only need to write the code once, and then its copied everywhere they choose to include it. So if they want to update/change something, because there is only one file, they only have to change it once.

      Some simple examples:

      • LorenzoAdinolfi

        ok thankyou, I know about include function but my question was how to sync among the network sites (stackexchange, S.O. Blog, Server Fault, etc…) not across pages in the same site.

  • I still don’t like the new top bar. The old darker, thinner one where the green of the point score icon stood out clearly and was pleasant too see, was much nicer.

    I’m glad the footer is still dark and it looks like a nice improvement.

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