How You Can Use the New Stack Overflow Bot from Microsoft

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As Joel often says, “developers are writing the script for the future,” and that is definitely the case when it comes to AI. The knowledge shared on Stack Overflow includes an ever-growing pool on AI and related topics such as machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning. From C to Lisp to Java to Python, professional developers and those learning the craft are eager to learn, share and build their careers around this important programming field. So when Microsoft showed us how they were bringing AI to every developer through their platforms and tools, and asked if they could partner with us to create an AI driven experience for developers to use and learn with, we of course said yes. The first step in this is Microsoft’s Stack Overflow Bot, available at https://aka.ms/stackoverflow-bot-sample, and powered by Microsoft AI. We hope developers will be inspired to use the bot’s sample code to create innovative AI experiences for Stack Overflow and share it with the community: You can play with the sample code on Github. We’re passionate about creating a place for developers to engage and enable one another to drive transformative change in society. Supporting knowledge sharing and use of AI on the Stack Overflow platform will bring more opportunities for developers like you to do so, and we look forward to seeing what you build with it. About Microsoft’s AI platform: The Microsoft AI platform provides productive and powerful tools, like Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, Cognitive Toolkit, Azure Machine Learning, and many more tools to allow developers to quickly infuse AI into their existing applications and solutions, and to create new intelligent experiences for their users. Powered by the robust capabilities of Azure, the Microsoft AI platform allows developers the openness and flexibility to choose the technology and deep learning framework suited for their scenario and skills. To learn more about the platform and to see a demo of Microsoft’s Stack Overflow Bot, watch the livestream today (Monday, September 25) at 11:15am PT/2:15pm ET, or see the video afterwards on Microsoft's Channel 9.

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