Podcast #118 - What's a Travel-Hacker, Anyway?

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Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast episode #118 recorded Thursday, October 5 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Even without Joel, who's still out working on NamCoin, there's still a full house! Including VP Jay Hanlon, CTO David Fullerton, News Editor Ilana Yitzhaki, me, Producer Jess, and a whole slew of guests. Today's episode is sponsored by Oracle. Stack Overflow appreciates Oracle's support for this podcast and for our community. Learn more about all the ways Oracle supports open source, java, and developers like you at oracle.com/developers. On Today's show:

  • Apparently this is a thing, and Jay hates it.
  • Special guests Todd Sullivan and Wojciech Borkowski, co-founders of FlightFox, join us to chat about Todd's background in programming for the Australian DoD, their fully remote startup, and how you can pay less to fly first class. Hint: fly to Toronto.
  • In our ongoing discussions about trying to make Stack Overflow a more welcoming place, former Stack Overflow mods turned Stack Overflow developers Adam Lear and Jeremy Banks are here to explain the SO moderator process, and how important mods are to making our communities function.
  • In the News: Ikea will now put your furniture together for you, it seems. Is this a good thing? And Apple was right about the headphone jack all along.

This week's Constitution proposal is: When working in git, one must always use rebasing instead of merging branches. Post your answer to Twitter using #stackoverflowpodcast with PRO if you prefer rebasing over merge and CON if its merge over rebasing all the way. Keep them short and sassy, just like Jay. Last week's winner is: https://twitter.com/CoreyBeaumont/status/915003166101405696 Thanks, Corey! You'll be getting some stickers. See you next week! Links:

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