Stack Overflow is 10!

stack overflow anniversary

Ten years ago, a lot was happening. Barack Obama and John McCain were running for U.S. president. Lehman Brothers’ collapse triggered a global financial crisis. The second iPhone came out – with 3G speeds, y’all! Tweens everywhere were deciding if they were on Team Jacob or Team Edward. Kanye West convinced everyone that what sunglasses had been lacking were venetian blinds

And on September 15, 2008, Stack Overflow’s public beta went live.

stack overflow beta

Stack Overflow’s home page in 2008

Since then, 9.3 million users have provided 25 million answers to 16 million questions. Every 5.1 seconds, someone takes time out of their day and posts an answer, to help a complete stranger on the internet. And since 2007, those answers have been found 12.3 billion times by developers in need. We estimate that’s saved developers roughly 3.1 billion hours.

But the big numbers don’t tell the real story. Every one of those times someone finds help is a developer who nails their initial project at their first job. Or a teenager who finishes her first project – the one that makes her realize she wants to be a developer when she grows up.

That’s Stack Overflow’s real impact. That’s how your efforts to help each other – to share what you know – have made a genuine difference.

So, to the 9.3 million of you who’ve joined us along the way, thank you. And to those of you who are new, welcome. We can’t wait to develop the rest of our future together.


Jay Hanlon
EVP of Culture and Experience (former)


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  1. Long life Stack Overflow! Thank you for tons of time you saved for me providing community’s answers and tips!

  2. My rep on SO is only 2k and yet I’ve managed to reach ~485k people in the past 10 years. That’s just amazing.

  3. I really love StackOverflow the way they developed the software to solve developers problems on the planet. I wish for big success for them in future endeavors. Thank you guys for your tireless effort to make developers life easy 🙂

  4. Congratz on the 10th anniversary folks behind StackOverflow! And really love the guys like Joel Spolsky still there for StackOverflow. Who had inspired me and answered lots of my doubts and queries on Joel on Software, and every since then, I followed through with StackOverflow and etc.

    It was a great journey and I’m still enjoying it, thanks for giving so much to the Software Development communities, looking forward to the many years of excellencies to come!

  5. Happy 3628800th birthday to Stack Overflow

  6. Suryaprakash Gupta says:

    Congrats StackOverflow! You have helped many developers like me to develop in areas without complete knowledge we can rely on the great community for quick solution and rapid development

  7. Happy 10th birthday !

  8. Thank you SO.

  9. Thanks for sharing.

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