Announcing Our New Partnership With Slack

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We shipped Stack Overflow for Teams in May, making our public knowledge-sharing platform accessible to teams of all sizes. Developers, startups, and even college classrooms began using Teams to share internal knowledge. Just six months later, over one thousand companies use Stack Overflow for Teams to manage their questions and answers. We’re always improving the product to make it a more seamless part of any organization’s workflow. As we thought of ways to better support our customers, it became abundantly clear that partnering with Slack was the next logical step. With over 8 million daily active users, Slack is one of the most popular workplace communication tools on the planet. So today, we’re excited to announce that our new Slack integration is now available. When you integrate Slack with Teams, you’ll be able to do these essential tasks without leaving Slack:

  • Start new questions. Select Ask on Teams from the integration dropdown to start a new question. From there, we’ll automatically take you to the Ask a Question page in your Team to finish posting your question.
  • Search for answers. Use the slash command (/stack search) before any query to see all of your Team’s questions and answers directly in Slack.
  • Get instant notifications. Stay up-to-date with notifications about your questions, answers, and comments.

This integration creates an even better knowledge-sharing tool for groups working together on a project. If you’re already a Teams user, click here to connect your knowledge base to your Slack channels. New to Stack Overflow for Teams? Learn how our Q&A platform can improve your organization’s productivity.

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