Stack Overflow & InfoJobs: Bringing Opportunities to Developers in Spain


Stack Overflow and InfoJobs are partnering to bring more job opportunities to the developer community in Spain. Since we launched Stack Overflow Jobs in 2009, its mission has been to connect developers to the right job opportunities. We do this by focusing on the developer experience, empowering job searchers with criteria tailored to technical roles, and leveraging our analytics to match developers to jobs based on criteria such as location and technology.

But occasionally, developers around the world don’t see enough jobs tailored to them. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with InfoJobs.

InfoJobs is the largest job board in Spain and has been helping people in Spain find jobs for over 20 years. Our partnership leverages InfoJob’s robust connections to employers to help match Spanish developers to new opportunities from the 900,000 visitors on our site each month.

Here’s how the partnership works: technical jobs posted on InfoJobs will also be found on Stack Overflow Jobs so long as they meet Stack Overflow’s job quality standards (e.g. a job posting must list the hiring company, in order to uphold our commitment to developers and ensure high quality jobs).

As Stack Overflow continues to grow, we’re working hard to help connect more developers to the right jobs in Europe and beyond. See current openings in Spain on our website.


Sean Bave
Sean is the GM of Stack Overflow Talent and Advertising

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  1. Sorry guys but InfoJobs has never been a good place for Spanish developers to find a job. Most of us (if not all) use LinkedIn.
    When I get an email from InfoJobs I usually just delete it. I have seen so many trash ones that I don’t bother reading them anymore. Fortunately I rarely get more than a few mails from them a year so…
    StackOverflow Jobs was a guarantee to me that the company posting the offer had at least some knowledge about developers (they know SO, cool!). Now this is no longer true. I really hope I am wrong but I am afraid this is not a very good move.

  2. Jose Bonifacio says:

    I’m an active user and supporter StackOverflow Jobs. What always makes e happy about Jobs is the reliability of the opportunities exposed on the platform.

    Please, don’t let the quality of the content drops with this new partnership. While I do respect InfoJobs, I really hope that Jobs keep up with the high demanding quality of jobs offers.

    Aside that, congratz for the new move, with this partnership all the best, see you!

  3. That´s great news. Looking forward to see what new exciting oportunities come up

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