Our Advertising Principles

Visit Stack Overflow or any Stack Exchange site and you may notice advertising on the site. Companies partner with us to advertise their products, services, specific jobs, and the benefits of working for them. We want these ads to be as relevant to you as possible and to make you more effective at work and beyond.

So for all our advertising offerings, we are following the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s guidelines as a starting point. 

We will always aim to do better than these guidelines and run ads in a unique Stack Overflow way. For example, we’re working on two new ways for our registered users to control their experience:
  1. Control the types of ads you see. We’ll categorize the different advertising offerings and you’ll be able to select the ones you want to see.
  2. Report specific ads you don’t like and we, together with our ad partners, will make sure you don’t see them again.
As we grow, we’ll continue to build out our advertising offerings for companies and their evolving needs. And throughout our growth, we’ll always comply with or exceed industry standards while listening to your feedback. 


Sean Bave
Sean is the GM of Stack Overflow Talent and Advertising


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  1. What about tracking code in ads? Do you or your partners serve such code? How do you prevent the collection of personally identifiable data by the ad servers and 3rd parties involved?

  2. When I kept reporting animated ads that Google kept sending to my new phone, Google first changed the dialog twice, then started sending me ads without the report button. Animated ads. And when I say “animated”, I mean “seizure-inducing”. For products that aren’t even relevant for anyone within 5000km of me. An ad blocker app came shortly after.

    What will you do to ensure that your provider won’t try to pull off the same trick Google did (and yes, redirecting ads count as unreportable)?

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