We’re making it easier to try Stack Overflow for Teams

Building something is rewarding. Building something that works and solves headaches and hassles for people is especially rewarding.

We built Stack Overflow for Teams because people had a real need for a new knowledge management tool that helped them spend less time searching for information and more time building great stuff. 

Over the last four years, hundreds of thousands of people started using Teams. They told us how it solved their headaches and hassles, they suggested new features and functionality, and they gave us feedback. We listened and built, creating a solid virtuous cycle for ourselves and our customers. 

During this listen and build process, we discovered another real need—people need to try our product without a commitment and we need to give them enough time to build their knowledge base and really experience the product.     

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our Basic version of Teams no longer requires a personal or corporate credit card to get started. No more pestering your boss for their sacred purchase card or putting down your personal card to only set several different calendar reminders to make sure you cancel in time before getting charged. 

Plus, we’re increasing the free trial from 14 days to 30 days. We all know how fast a 2-week sprint ends up being. We’ve extended the trial to 30 days to allow users more time to build up their knowledge base, add teammates and valuable tags, and discover some of the different features in a private environment versus what they might be familiar with on stackoverflow.com. 

We’re committed to evolving and improving our solution for our customers. We’re dedicated to making Stack Overflow for Teams the best collaboration tool in the market. 

To start your 30 day trial without a credit card, visit stackoverflow.com/teams and experience how Teams can help you and your teammates have more time to build great things.   

A bit of history on Stack Overflow for Teams

Since launching Teams nearly four years ago, we continue to be humbled. Demand for a central collaboration and knowledge sharing tool has only gone up over time. Regardless of a company’s size or the industry they identify with, people need information and they need a centralized place to find it.

Our enterprise solution launched first. It’s ideal for large teams with more robust security needs to keep their proprietary data safe. Shortly after, we launched the Basic tier of Stack Overflow for Teams, allowing our users to quickly and easily try out (and fall in love) with our cloud-based solution that resides alongside our Public Q&A solution we’re best known for—stackoverflow.com. Then, just nine months ago, we launched our Business tier with premium features like single sign-on, community support, and analytics. Throughout this evolution of the Teams suite, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of our customer’s needs. 

Thanks to our hundreds of thousands of Teams users for their commitment to Teams over the years, including the time they’ve spent providing feedback on the product.  We’re committed to evolving our product by taking product suggestions from various internal teams that work directly with customers. This includes our Community Development, Research & Design, Sales, Marketing and of course our Product team that commit to spending hours each week meeting with current and prospective customers.


Lori Colston

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  1. Hmmm StackOverflow for Teams(tm) was launched 2 years ago, not 4. The other teams is something else that was shelved.

    1. Hi Tim, the Enterprise version of Stack Overflow for Teams launched in 2016. Our Basic and Business launched tiers more recently. Thanks.

  2. We were thinking about trying out the free 25-user plan for one of our teams, but it seems like it’s gone now. Is that so?

    1. …And what about those of us who signed up last year with a team of fewer than 25 people? Who gave you a credit card number, even though we expected to not be billed?

      1. I’m in the same situation here. Have a small amount of users on the free 25 user plan, and now unsure if I should be expecting a surprise bill.

        1. Hi Brad, if your Team was created while our 25 free promotion was running, you will stay on that plan. No surprises bills. Thanks.

      2. Hi Courtney, for those that signed up when our 25 free promotion was running, that plan/offer will run for the foreseeable future.

    2. Hi Vasily, yes, that is correct. The 25-user free promotion has ended at this time.

  3. Peter Turner says:

    I’d have loved this last year when I was the nutty StackOverflow evangelist fanboi at my company, but now, not so much.

    IMO, you guys need to work on your image so that the people most apt to promote your product (i.e. programmers) don’t hate your so much and actually want to tell the people who have the credit cards that we need your product.

    1. In my opinion, the only reason to dislike stackoverflow at the moment is because they have allowed a vocal minority to create a bunch of drama this past year that have played somewhat childish games in the process (changing nicknames, downvoting every post from the company regardless of content, posting nasty comments calling for resignations, etc). Believe it or not (you probably won’t), I really am just another SO user that is tired of reading your drama every two days and I am kindly asking folks like you to get over yourselves.

      1. “Drama is just people being upset.”

        Disparaging people because they’re upset over someone actually being wronged say more about you than it ever will them. Sure, I can understand why you don’t want to deal with it; even the people who are upset would much rather none of it ever happened.

        “downvoting every post from the company regardless of content”

        That never happened. Go look at the 3-close-vote change post. It’s massively upvoted, despite happening in the middle of all this.

        “posting nasty comments calling for resignations”

        I never saw any “nasty” comments. Saying that it’s appropriate for someone who’s guilty of gross misconduct to resign is hardly “nasty.”

        The reality is that you just have a skewed perspective here because you didn’t care enough to actually learn about the people involved, their history on this site, or any other evidence. Whether you spend your time learning about this issue is your prerogative, but don’t sit around judging everyone when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. The welcome email uses an out-dated footer:

    Once your trial ends, your Stack Overflow for Teams subscription will start on 2020-02-14 and your card on file will be charged.

    You no longer need to add a card…so this is not applicable.



    1. Thanks, David. It has been updated. Appreciate you reporting the bug!

  5. I was going to try the free 25-user plan for my company, however, that is gone now. It is now unlikely I will be trialling StackOverflow for Teams.

    1. So your team can’t afford to spend $1 a month to have access to the tools you need?

      1. Afaik, it’s 5€ x user. Not 1$.
        It would be nice to have some kind of starter pack, like the fist 5 users for 10€ or something like that.

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