We're launching an Instagram account

We have a new social account full of fun animations highlighting great questions and answers from across Stack Overflow and Exchange.

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Hello Stackers across Overflow and our Exchanges. We know these are challenging and uncertain times for everyone, and we hope you and yours are doing as well as they can.

This morning, we launched an Instagram account. We've had accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube for a while, but never Instagram. We felt it would be fun to join this visual medium where we could highlight great contributions from our community.

Over the last few months we've been working to spotlight community contributions by featuring great questions and answers in our newsletter, our weekly StackOverflowKnows blog post, and by shouting out Lifeboat badge winners on the podcast.

With our Instagram, we are going to be creating original animations and illustrations that put a spotlight on the amazing curiosity and knowledge of our community. You can follow our new account here and find all the questions we are spotlighting here. If you have suggestions for questions we should spotlight, tweet at us with the hashtag #StackOverflowKnows or email us at pitches@stackoverflow.com.

Just as we do with all our social media, we will also be highlighting blog posts, podcast episodes, The Overflow newsletter, community announcements, company news, and product updates.

If you're a creator who does interesting things at the intersection of software and design, software and art, software and music, or something along those lines, reach out to us at pitches@stackoverflow.com. We want to find great creators and offer them the chance to do a week-long takeover of our Instagram stories. It would be a chance for a creator to showcase their work and their process to our audience of millions of developers.

Next week is April Fools in many countries around the world. Traditionally, Stack Overflow goes all out with a big joke. Given the current climate we are taking a different approach, and giving you this year’s “prank” as more of an Easter egg. You’ll have the opportunity to check out something new, and to opt-in to the tongue-in-cheek feature if you feel like it.

That said, we're giving a few clues to what's happening next week in our new Instagram account, @thestackoverflow, enjoy the animations, and let us know what you think is coming by leaving a comment on this post or on our Instagram.

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