podcast August 11, 2020

Podcast 259: from web comics to React core with Rachel Nabors

From a manga punk Drupal site to herding the cats of the React community.
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Rachel Nabors is a veteran goose wrangler and one of the React community leads at Facebook. She got into web development as a way to share the comics and zines she was creating and to build a community for fellow manga and anime lovers. Since then she has worked at tech companies large and small, with a passion for creating and nurturing digital communities always at the core of her efforts.


You can read our story on Rachel and the work she is doing with the React community here.

Nabors’ is the author of Animation at Work, which you can find on A Book Apart.

If you want to get a feel for an animated web project Rachel worked on, check out DevToolsChallenger, an interactive site she helped create for Mozilla. 

Nabors’ has digitized a lot of her work, signal boosting members of the React community at Reactjs.org/stories

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newsletter August 17, 2020

The Overflow #34: WYSIWYG style

Welcome to ISSUE #34 of the Overflow! This week, we explore how to build a full-text search engine, ways to get involved in open source development, and how to force a right-click on a website that doesn’t want you to. Plus, the debut of Articles, a new form of post in Stack Overflow for Teams.
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Content Strategist
code-for-a-living June 23, 2020

Is it time to give Drupal another look?

For many people discussion of content management systems raises unpleasant specters of the early 2000s. But while CMS platforms may not feel like the shiniest new tech on the block, they still have a lot to offer, and they've evolved in ways that might surprise you. Let's talk about Drupal, a 20 year old open source project that still manages to be on the leading edge of the CMS world.