podcast September 4, 2020

Podcast 266: Ok, who vandalized Wikipedia?

Teaching your kids to respect The Commons should start early and last a lifetime.
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This week, we learn about Paul’s interrogation tactics, ClueBot’s ability to spot naughty edits, and Sara’s penchant for children who break the rules.

Episode Notes

You can read the hilarious tale of how Paul was alerted to “Frenchpoop Butt” here.

Enjoy an all time classic tale of a security expert being outwitted by his daughter. Her approach was not in his threat model. 

Want to try your hand at a little hacking? Here’s a fun online game called Telehack.

We asked some teens what would motivate them to participate more on Stack. The answer was obvious: loot boxes. What kind of digital swag would you want receive for helping spread  knowledge across our network? 



community March 31, 2020

Podcast 222: Learning From our Moderators

This podcast is meant to reach the Stack community, so we thought it would be great to have some of the moderators who help keep our communities running come on the show and chat about what they do and what they are seeing.
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Director of Content