Podcast 289: React, jQuery, Vue: what's your favorite flavor of vanilla JS?

There are so many ways to work with your favorite web tools. Just remember the difference between a language and a framework.

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The conversation in this week's episode was inspired by a blog and video from Chris Ferdinandi. He talked about converting jQuery plugins and Vue components into vanilla JS, and recording himself in the process. He also tried this conversion with a React demo app. While discussing all the new things one can do with the web, we ended up discussing a fundamental question: What is the difference between a language and a framework?

You can find Ferdinandi's post and video here.

12 years ago, back when Stack Overflow was a brand new site with just a few thousand users, someone asked: What is the difference between a framework and a library?

FreeCodeCamp has its own take on this question with a pretty interesting answer. "When you use a library, you are in charge of the flow of the application. You are choosing when and where to call the library. When you use a framework, the framework is in charge of the flow. It provides some places for you to plug in your code, but it calls the code you plugged in as needed."

There was no Lifeboat badge to call out this week, so we honored a Lifejacket winner instead. Shout out to Andreas for answering the queston: Are byte arrays initialised to zero in Java?


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