Podcast 294: Cleaning up build systems and gathering computer history

Learn about Earthly's approach to build scripts and the CoRecursive podcast.

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This week, we chat with Adam Gordon Bell, Director of Developer Relations at Earthly and host of the CoRecursive podcast. We discuss Earthly's efforts to design better build scripts and why engineers enjoy telling stories about mistaken assumptions.

Episode Notes

As promised, here is the grass hat.

You can find out more about Earthly here.

We spend a little time talking about Nix OS the operating system you can roll back if you don't like a patch.

Raise your hand if you remember learning computer science with Turbo Pascal.

Maybe you didn't know, but discs aren't as slow as people think. Adam's recent episode is about upending common assumptions on IO performance.

Shoutout to our Lifeboat badge winner of the week, Josh Smift, for answering the question: How to delete *.web files only if they exist.

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