Podcast 301: What can you program in just one tweet?

From animations to ray tracers, clever coders squeezed a lot into 280 characters of BBC Basic.

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This week we chat about coding like it's 1985 with BBC BASIC and a delightful Twitter bot that will run your BASIC code and publish the results. After that we take a deep dive into the quantified life, with a year-in-review from a blogger who logged every single thing they did in 2020...in 15-minute increments. Also, Svelte, lifeboats, and some predictions for the new year.


If you're interested in learning a bit of BBC Basic, there is a fun introduction here. You can tweet at this bot, and it will run the contents as code and reply with a video of the results.

If you are interested in life-logging and want to see it done with a lot of very pretty graphs, check out this post, My Year in Data.

Last but not least we chat about Svelte, which lets you create "cybernetically enhanced web apps." Shout to Murali, a listener who suggested this topic.

Our lifeboat of the week goes to koekenbakker for answering the question: R plots: Is there a way to draw a border, shadow or buffer around text labels?


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