Podcast 303: What would you pay for /dev/null as a service?

There is nothing that isn't better as a managed cloud service.

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On today's episode we chat about the rise of retro-computing, the appeal of e-ink readers, and what we would pay for /dev/null as a service.

Episode Notes

How could you not love a team with a bio like this: "We’re a young and dynamic team of messy data-scientists who have failed at being employed on the real market. Our experience in losing data and throwing files away is more than amazing! Over the years, we have managed to get rid of so much important data at home and even at work." Find out how you pay other people to throw your data away here.

The New York Times reports on the rising prices of old computers and their parts. Retro-computing is fun, especially when you're stuck at home for...feels like a while now.

Stack Overflow memes have made it to Tik Tok, and it is joyous.

To round things out we chat about our love of e-ink, the desire to buy a reMarkable 2, and this amazing piece of digital wall art.

This week's lifeboat badge winner is Gordon Larrigan, who answered the question: How can you sort an array of arrays in JavaScript?


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