Episode 306: Gaming PCs to heat your home, oceans to cool your data centers

If your PC is running hot, maybe there's a good place to invest all that energy.

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On today's episode we chat about exercise bikes as cybersecurity risks, using your bitcoin mining rig to heat your home, and submerging servers for fun and profit.

Episode Notes

Joe Biden just wants to ride his Peleton, but equipment connected to WiFi with a camera and microphone can pose a real security risk.

If you've got a chicken coop or greenhouse that needs a little warmth this winter, maybe team it up with your gaming PC or bitcoin mining rig, which tend to give off a lot of heat.

Speaking of heat, we dive into datacenters that were sunk under the ocean in an effort to create more economically efficient and environmentally friendly computing.

Our favorite meme of the week, a Heroku app that puts a chilly Bernie Sanders anywhere in the world.

Our lifeboat badge winner is Lukas Kalbertodt, who answered the question: What's the most efficient way to insert an element into a sorted vector?


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