Podcast 310: Fix-Server, and other useful command line utilities

Bottlenecks tend to emerge where you least expect them.

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On today's episode we talk about Slack's exploration of its recent outage, our first impressions of Clubhouse, and ideas for keeping Stack Overflow questions from becoming outdated.


Check out the great post from Laura Nolan, a senior engineer at Slack, breaking down their outage. Paul wants some simple command line utilities for "fix-server" and "boot-it-all-up."

Clubhouse was known early on for being popular with Silicon Valley, but it's increasingly becoming a global phenomenon. You don't have to wait for it to go public to invest, you can buy shares right now in Agora, the Chinese company powering its real time audio chat.

Got ideas for how we can version Q&A on Stack Overflow to ensure questions with accepted answers don't become outdated or obsolete? We're planning to work on this problem, so send suggestions our way.

This week's Lifeboat badge winner is Quinn, who answered the question: How to replace a string in a file using regular expressions?


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