podcast February 12, 2021

Podcast 312: We’re building a web app, got any advice?

Can we build something great with no personal information and no database?
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Director of Content

This week, we’re chatting about how cron jobs work under the hood, Ben sets out to build a simple web app for his local dog park, and we discuss why our Director of Design chose to change careers and take a role as an associate software developer.

Episode Notes

Thanks to Marceli Wac for sending us a question about cron jobs. We love getting mail from listeners and try our best to read interesting questions on the show. 

The goal for Ben’s app is simple: let anyone register their intention to show up to the dog park at a certain time so that strangers can have a better chance of arriving at the same time and get some exercise for the pups. What’s the simplest web app that would collect the least personal information and reset every 24 hours. Bonus points if we can do it without a database! 

Kristina Lustig, a veteran Stacker, wrote a great blog post for us: I followed my dreams and got demoted to software developer. 

Our lifeboat of the week goes to Mike Nakis, who answered the question: What is the difference between memberwise copy, bitwise copy, shallow copy and deep copy?




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