Podcast 313: What makes for a great API?

Chatting about developer tools, web infrastructure, and building great APIs with Netlify's Matt Biilmann.

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This week with chat with Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify, who has been building developer tools, content management systems, and web infrastructure for more than 30 years and is recognized for coining the term “Jamstack.” He opens up about what, in his opinion, makes a great API.

Episode Notes

Pattern matching in Python 3 - a nice new feature, a gift to Stack Overflow point seekers, or a big pain in the neck?

Curious about the Jamstack? You can find lots of great information on how it works and who works with it here.

Want to follow Matt? He's on Twitter here.

Our lifeboat badge winner for this episode is Jim Mischel, who explained how to: Find the first character in a string that is a letter.


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