Podcast 315: How to use interference to your advantage - a quantum computing catch up

The power of quantum computing has implications for security, cryptocurrency, and drug discovery.

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This week we sit down for a conversation with Blake Johnson and Robert Sutor from IBM's quantum computing ecosystem. We discuss the technology's implications on drug discovery, security, and cryptocurrencies. Plus, tips on learning the basics and running your own experiments with the hardware you have at home.

Episode Notes

Blake has a PhD in physics from Yale and is the quantum platform lead at IBM. You can find him on Twitter here and read some of his recent writing here.

Robert is VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, IBM Research. He's the author of Dancing with Qubits and has put together a great list of tutorial videos on his website.

No Lifeboat badge winner today, but if you're a fan of Schrödinger's cat, be sure to check out this question from our Quantum Computing Stack Exchange.


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