Stack Overflow sponsors Techtonica participants for 2021 cohort

We're partnering with Tectonica to sponsor students eager to learn software engineering.

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Techtonica is pleased to announce a new partnership with Stack Overflow, the world’s largest community for developers and technologists. The partnership acts as both sponsorship and work placement, funding Techtonica participants to study full-stack engineering in an intensive six month program. The first 2021 cohort graduates in summer and two participants will then join Stack Overflow on a six-month contract.

"Stack Overflow is excited to partner with Techtonica to unlock greater access to the education and experience needed to succeed in the technology industry,” says Stack Overflow’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Teresa Dietrich. “As the world's largest community for developers and technologists, we have responsibility to help make the field of coding more diverse, and one way to do that is to ensure our company is inclusive. Supporting students in this cohort directly contributes to that mission."

Techtonica helps local low-income women and non-binary individuals learn the engineering skills needed to triple their income and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to their intensive course of study, participants are also paired with a mentor who supports them throughout their job placement upon graduation. Participants are exposed to interview workshops, resume feedback, and networking events with industry professionals.

“Stack Overflow’s sponsorship is a natural fit,” says Techtonica CEO Michelle Glauser. “Their mission to share coding knowledge aligns well with Techtonica’s and we are excited for our participants and graduates to be supported by the Stack Overflow community.” The 2021 cohort began remotely in January and has 11 participants. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or to donate directly to Techtonica, you can visit their website at https://techtonica.org/.

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