The Overflow #62:The pros and cons of being a FAANG developer

Welcome to ISSUE #62 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week, get started with statistics in Python, improve your Xcode workflow, and make your typography more accessible with CSS clamp.

From the blog

The pros and cons of being a software engineer at a BIG tech company stackoverflow.blog Our author unpacks the experiences you might have as a software engineer at a FAANG company as well as the benefits of programming at a less software intensive business.

Level Up: Mastering statistics with Python stackoverflow.blog We are kicking off our new Level Up series on the blog with an 8 part module based on Codecademy’s ‘Master Statistics with Python’ taught by Sophie Sommer. Watch on-demand or join the future live sessions – for free!

Podcast 313: How do digital nomads pay their taxes? stackoverflow.blog As many tech companies go permanently remote, wandering developers will have to consider the implications for taxes, patents, and salaries.

Serving critical realtime updates to news readers using WebSockets promotion In November 2020 The Washington Post broke realtime records with a WebSocket implementation which sent 1 million messages per second to global browsers. Read about how they served critical live updates to global readers during the US election.

Interesting questions

How can I actively provoke data rot on a storage unit? electronics.stackexchange.com Tired of trying to prevent data loss? Here’s how to cause it.

Can a computer determine whether a mathematical statement is true or not? cs.stackexchange.com Computers prove programmers wrong every day. Why should mathematicians be any different?

Is it possible to throw a baseball so hard it circles the earth above your head? space.stackexchange.com Don’t forget to duck.

When we plot data and then use nonlinear transformations in a regression model are we data-snooping? stats.stackexchange.com It’s a question of degrees.

Links from around the web

Fluid typography with CSS clamp - Tutorial piccalil.li If you’ve been wanting to learn how to improve your typography on your sites, check out this great overview for making accessibility-friendly and configurable type systems.

5 Ways to improve your Xcode workflow dev.to Here’s some great shortcuts and tips for making yourself go faster when working in Xcode!

Accessing hardware devices on the web web.dev There are some great APIs out there for accessing your hardware. Here’s a good roundup of some that will get IoT involved in your projects.

How many strings does C++ have? – C++ and more! blogs.msmvps.com In this very evergreen post, the author digs in to just how many string types there are in C++. Surprise! There’s more than one.

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