Podcast 316: When it comes to package managers, don't forget security

Enjoy the goodwill of others, heck use their code when it helps. Just don't trust what you can't verify for yourself.

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In today’s episode, we chat about simplifying the address of your crypto wallet, static linking, the security risks you need to consider with package managers, and Paul’s paper hands.

Episode Notes

If you’re a programmer working with npm, Sara has some basic advice on best practices that will keep your codebase safe.

Today’s discussion was inspired by a blog post from Michel Gorny which you can find here.

Need to simplify the address where people can send you bitcoins? Check out https://ens.domains/, which even offers .club for your TLD.

Thanks to Tagir Valeev for answering the question: How to Split odd and even numbers and sum of both in collection using Stream. You’re our lifeboat badge winner of the week.


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