The Overflow #64: Best practices, not required practices

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Welcome to ISSUE #64 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: why you get spam emails without content, building a Discord bot, and chatting with Google’s DeepMind about the future of AI.

From the blog

Best practices can slow your application down stackoverflow.blog In order to get the most performant site possible when building the codebase for our public Stack Overflow site, we didn’t always follow best practices.

Level Up: Mastering statistics with Python - part 3 stackoverflow.blog Comparing summary statistics like the mean and median can help us understand how these variables are related, but we can learn even more by using visualizations.

Podcast 317: Chatting with Google’s DeepMind about the future of AI stackoverflow.blog Teaching AI to master games without knowing the rules may help to lay the foundation for more general intelligence in real world environments.

Webinar: Chaos and feature experimentation with AWS promotion Join Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, to learn how to build more resilient systems. You’ll take away best practices for using chaos engineering to catch unknowns early and safely roll out new functionality with feature flags.

Interesting questions

What are the different object names in Windows? superuser.com Windows: Administrators, system, everyone or users? Me: I just want to open this folder, buddy.

Is it good practice to echo PHP code into inline JS? softwareengineering.stackexchange.com A stray apostrophe in that JS variable could cause havoc in your code.

How do airports detect drones? aviation.stackexchange.com Flocks of birds were hard enough.

What is the purpose of a targeted email without any meaningful content? security.stackexchange.com An empty email might be a spam bot’s warm-up.

Links from around the web

Creating a Chrome extension with React javascript.plainenglish.io Sometimes instead of building an app from scratch, it’s better to deliver it as a browser extension instead.

Building a Discord bot using Discord.JS www.smashingmagazine.com Here’s a great walkthrough for using the DIscord.js library to build a chat bot with Node.

How to develop your talent stack www.elmghari.com Sometimes the best stack isn’t necessarily the tech you use, but the talents you have.

Hiding content responsibly kittygiraudel.com There are many different ways to hide things in HTML or CSS (or both), here’s when to use which!

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