Podcast 321: Taking a risk and joining a new team

We chat about changing careers, learning new disciplines, and maintaining a beginner's mindset

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We chat with Ian Allen and Kyle Pollard, two software developers at Stack Overflow, about what it takes to changes careers, learn new disciplines, and maintain a beginner's mindset. Ian started on internal development, moved to our talent product, and now works on the data team. Kyle was in retail, moved to help desk, became a webmaster, and is now working on our public platform team.

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Episode Notes

Ian is Brooklyn bred a tech junkie, NBA stats nerd, hip hop connoisseur, and co-creator of GameFlo and Ujima Now. He graduated from Brown University and was a teaching fellow at FullStack Academy before coming to Stack Overflow. You can find him on Twitter and Github.

Kyle Pollard graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia and worked as a computer technician and programmer for the City of Prince George in Canada. You can find him on GithubTwitter, and his website.

Our lifeboat this week goes to Max Pevsner, who answered a question, but cautioned against taking his advice: Don't reuse cell in UITableView


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