Podcast 325: How we keep Stack Overflow's codebase clean and modern

How would you define the ergonomics of code? Does it pass the squint test?

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We chat with Roberta Arcoverde, the tech lead on the Stack Overflow for Teams team. She explains why we ignored several "best practices" when building Stack Overflow's public site 12 years ago and how we're working to adapt and modernize our codebase so that it's approachable and powerful for everyone working on it more than a decade after inception.

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Episode Notes

You can find Roberta on Twitter. For anyone who understands Portuguese, you can also check out her podcast.

Check out Roberta's recent blog post on best practices, and when to ignore them.

If you're interested in Dapper, an open source project built by Stack Overflow folks that works as a simple object mapper for .NET, you can check it out here.

Thanks to our lifeboat badge winner of the week, Colonel Panic, for explaining: What the boolean literals in PowerShell are


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