Podcast 329: Two words for ya - "networked spreadsheets"

Paul explores what it feels like to work from his office again.

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We chat about Paul's return to the office and what our lives are like now that all your podcast hosts have been at least partially vaccinated. Plus, Lotus Notes, networked spreadsheets, and the biggest flight simulator update of all time.

Episode Notes

Dave Winer wrote a fun piece on the lost apps of the 80s. We explore the paradox of software that is "too good" to become popular among mainstream consumers.

Microsoft has valiantly released a new version of its flagship flight simulator for 38 years. Now we know what makes it seem so very, very real. But just how big can that next patch be?

Another day, another data breach. At this point, we've become numb to the notion that our identity is compromised. Is acceptance better for your health than constantly being on guard? See for yourself.


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