podcast April 20, 2021

Podcast 331: One in four visitors to Stack Overflow copies code

You are not alone.
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Our April Fools prank taught us there is more than a kernel of truth to the old joke about borrowing software smarts from Stack Overflow. Kyle Pollard explains how we built the software behind the joke, and Cassidy Williams explains how we built the actual keyboard.

Episode Notes

You can check out our deep dive into the copy paste data here. We saw over 40 million copies in the two weeks worth of activity we analyzed.

Kyle  Pollard graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia and worked as a computer technician and  programmer for the City of Prince George in Canada.  You can find him on GithubTwitter, and his website.

There’s lots of info about Cassidy’s various projects at cassidoo.co.  You can catch her coding live at @cassidoo, Thursdays at 12:30 PT/2:30 Central/3:30 Eastern.

Our lifeboat badge winner of the week is TJ Crowder, who answered the question: How can I see the source of built-in JavaScript functions?


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