Podcast 333: From music to trading cards, software is transforming curation and collecting

From stamps to stonks, from cards to crypto, collecting is part of human nature. Software is just rewriting the rules for how it's done.

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This week we chat with David Pakman, a tech investor with a background in computer science and music. David worked at Apple and founded several companies before moving into venture capital, where he invests in crypto, robotics, AI, and consumer technology.

Episode Notes

You can follow David on Twitter here and read his blog here.

Check out more about Dapper Labs and it's work with the NBA and NFTs here.

David has written some influential pieces on the world of digital music and the role of software platforms. Check out a few of his pieces here.

Read about David's adventure's setting up a Minecraft server for his kids and using software for griefer detection.

Thanks to our lifeboat badge winner of the week, Keith Thompson, for answering the question: Go lang differentiate “\n” and line break

As Keith eloquently explains, "There is no distinction between a 'real' and an 'unreal' line break."


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