Podcast 334: A curious journey from personal trainer to frontend mentor

We chat React, Tailwind, and Three.JS with Matt Studdert, founder of a new platform for learning to code.

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We chat with Matt Studdert, founder of Frontend Mentor, an online learning platform that teaches programming through a series of challenges. The platform's goal is to get students familiar with skills they can use on the job by having them build web apps and go through code reviews. Matt also walks us through what he's been working on recently, from React to Tailwind to Three.JS.

Episode Notes

You can check out Frontend Mentor here. Try a few challenges or join their Slack, where thousands of students are chatting about how they are approaching the projects.

You can follow Matt on Twitter here. If you want to read about how he made the jump from personal trainer to web developer, he did a nice interview with Indie London.

Our lifeboat of the week goes to Banex for answering the question: why do we use NULL in strtok()?


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