podcast May 7, 2021

Podcast 336: NFT art, Ethereum gas, and a deep dive into Gemini’s data lake

Exploring the software that's turning the world's of art and finance upside down.
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We chat with Tommy Kimmelman, head of artist relations at Nifty Gateway, and Evan Chipps, lead data analyst at Gemini, and brother of our very own Sara Chipps. Tommy helps us understand how the blockchain is turning the art market upside down, and Evan walks us through the data science at work on a major crypto exchange.

Episode Notes

You can find Tommy on Twitter here and check out his NFT collection here.

Evan tweets his undying love for The Mets here.

Before you lay out your critique of NFTs, here’s a great documentary on fraud and forgery in the fine art world. 

Our lifeboat badge winner of the week is Oriol, who answered the question: What is the difference between ‘remove’ and ‘removeChild’ method in javascript?


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