Podcast 341: Blocking the haters as a service

We chat with Tracy Chou, CEO of Block Party, about using software to build anti-harassment tools.

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We chat with Tracy Chou, founder, CEO, and lead engineer at Block Party, a software platform working to make social media safe and enjoyable by helping users avoid, or at least manage, online harassment.

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Episode Notes

Chou, a Stanford educated computer scientist and electrical engineer, cut her teeth in Silicon Valley with stints at Facebook, Quora, and Pinterest, where she advocated for a stronger focus on diversity.

Block Party describes its mission as building "anti-harassment tools against online abuse, but more fundamentally we are building solutions for user control, protection, and safety."

As CEO and lead engineer, Chou gets to choose the company's tools. Block Party is built with technologies like Render, Flask, and Jinja. Paul is very jealous of this stack.

Our lifeboat badge winner of the week is Bryan Oakley, who answered the question: How to redirect print statements to Tkinter text widget?

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