Podcast 346: Young coders are learning by building Discord bots and hacking Roblox

We put our finger the pulse of what's drawing the kids into the wide world of code.

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We chat with Jenn Schiffer, director of community at Glitch, who brings over 70 years of Javascript experience to her work, at least according to her Twitter bio. She hips us to the ways in which young kids are touching code for the first time, often without realizing that they are learning to be programmers. We also dig into the burgeoning community around WebXR, which brings together developers interested in offering virtual and augmented reality experiences through the web.

Episode Notes

You can find Jenn on Twitter here. She is the creator of the wonderful website, make8bitart.com.

You can check out Glitch here and dig into some of its WebXR projects.

Our lifeboat badge of the week goes to Ruberandinda Patience, who explained why you got a 404 Not Found, even though the route exist in Laravel.


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