podcast June 15, 2021

Podcast 347: Information foraging – the tactics great developers use to find solutions

How much time do you spend writing code, versus looking for the right solution?
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We chat with Austin Henley, assistant professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Prof. Henley has been studying the ways in which developers seek out the information they need to solve problems, debug code, or write new applications.

Episode Notes

You can check out some more of Henley’s work on his blog here. Recent pieces include: 

How much time does the average developer spend typing in their editor versus researching, exploring, and pondering? Henley believes half an hour of inputting actual code a day is realistic, despite what you’ve heard about the 10X developer in your area. 




code-for-a-living December 23, 2021

Best practices for writing code comments

While there are many resources to help programmers write better code—such as books and static analyzers—there are few for writing better comments. While it's easy to measure the quantity of comments in a program, it's hard to measure the quality, and the two are not necessarily correlated. A bad comment is worse than no comment at all. Here are some rules to help you achieve a happy medium.