podcast June 25, 2021

Podcast 351: Here’s how we built our newest product, Collectives™, and why

There's a new way to organize knowledge on Stack Overflow, and a new content type users can create.
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Director of Content

This week we launched Collectives™ on Stack Overflow. It empowers the organizations connected to certain technologies to more directly support the communities that have grown around various topics, bolstering the quality and health of our content in a way that benefits our users as well. In this episode we chat with our Chief Product and Technology Officer, Teresa Dietrich, and Jascha Drel, a senior product manager, about how and why we built this product.

Episode Notes

You can check out all the details about Collectives in our launch post here.

We detailed the user research that allowed our community to help shape this product in a Meta post here.

Teresa is on Twitter here and  Jascha is on LinkedIn here.