Podcast 359: Crafting software and games for the selfie generation

We chat with the co-founders of this London based startup about the code and concepts they use to craft mobile games for today's teens.

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This week we chat with Tara Reddy and Sam Weekes, the co-founders of Loveshark, a mobile gaming company. They describe the company as a team of creative, kind, and slightly quirky people who are building the future of social games. They use technologies like augmented reality and computer vision to create weird and wonderful things.

Episode Notes

You can find Tara on Twitter here.

Sam is on Twitter here.

You can learn more about Loveshark's latest games and the roles they are hiring for here.

Thanks to our lifeboat badge winner of the week, Elliott Frisch, for answering the question: Convert list of integer into comma separated string?


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