Podcast 360: From AOL chat rooms to Wikipedia, Reddit, and now, Stack Overflow

What does it take to build and nurture a healthy and growing online community? We talk with Phillipe Beaudette, our new VP of community, about his experiences.

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We chat with Philippe Beaudette, our new VP of community, about his experiences building and nurturing great online communities.


Beaudette cut his teeth in the days of AOL chat rooms, then became an early Wikipedian. More recently he worked at Reddit, where his team of ten professional community managers supported 300 million monthly unique visitors. Before his recent promotion to VP, Beaudette was on the Trust and Safety team at Stack Overflow.

For more detail on his experience, check out his LinkedIn here.

Our lifefboat badge of the week goes to Arty-chan for answering the question:What is gitlab instance url, and how can i get it?


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