Podcast 363: Highlights from our 2021 Developer Survey

We learned a lot from the more than 80,000 respondents who took the time to answer our questionnaire.

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We chat with David Gibson, the data analyst who led this year's Developer Survey, to understand the techniques that went into crafting our results. He also breaks down some of the most interesting trends and insights derived from new questions and comparisons we haven't done before.

Episode Notes

This year over 80,000 respondents took the time to share their feedback on the tools and trends that are shaping software development.

We learned a lot about the way developers learn. For the rising cohort of coders under the age of 18, online resources like videos and blogs are more popular than books and school combined, a statistic that doesn’t hold for any of our other age cohorts.

Roughly a third of respondents responded to our question on mental health. This is twice the percentage that offered feedback in 2020 and may reflect a growing awareness of the importance of mental health’s and the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

Another trend that may be linked to the pandemic is work status. We see a greater percentage of respondents working part-time or in school, while those indicating full time employment decreased. This may reflect the effects of the pandemic, which saw workers from all industries stepping back and reevaluating their relationship to a five day work week and in-person employment.

Check out the full results of the 2021 Dev Survey here.


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