Podcast 366: Move fast and make sure nobody gets pager alerts at 2AM

No one should be woken up because there was a misconfiguration in a YAML file and it pointed a DB to the wrong location.

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We chat with Ethan Batraski, who started his first web design firm at 13, lead product and engineering teams at Facebook, and now invests in open source software and developer tools as a venture capitalist at Venrock.

Episode Notes

Ethan started his career when the marquee tag was king and is betting on a comeback.

His focus as an investor is on developer tools & infrastructure, open source software, space, and emerging compute.

We talk about his time as a Product Group Leader at Facebook, and his strong feelings on the state of DevOps.

You can find his investor profile here, his blog here, and on Twitter here.

Our lifeboat badge of the week goes to Denys Vuika, who answered the question: How do I configure Yarn as the default package manager for Angular CLI?


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