podcast September 8, 2021

Podcast 373: Authorization is complex. Oso is a library designed to help you structure it.

What if it was as easy to add authorization logic to your app as it was to add user authentication?
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On this episode we chat with Sam Scott, co-founder and CTO of Oso, which is trying to make security simpler for developers. Pull it from your favorite package manager, add it to your application, and start enforcing authorization over API requests, data fetches, and UI components. The team hopes that they can create a foundational technology – a policy engine and language – that sets them up to solve a much broader array of problems for developers in the future.

Episode Notes

You can learn more about Sam on his LinkedIn here. You can find him on Twitter here.

Learn more about Oso, check out the code, and join their Slack community here.

Our lifeboat badge winner of the week is Evgeny Lisin, who answered the question: How to find UIWebView in Project and replace it with WKWebView?


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