Check out the Stack Exchange sites that turned ten years old in Q3

Ten years on the internet is a long time. Let's celebrate the Stack Exchange sites that, as of Q3, have hit that milestone.

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While millions of people come to Stack Overflow to find answers to their programming questions, there are well over a hundred sites within the Stack Exchange network, covering all kinds of topics from linguistics to bitcoin to Christianity. We found that our question and answer format, along with a strong community focus, could be readily applied to a wide range of topics. As proof, many of those sites have lasted a decade or more, which, on the internet, is a lifetime.

Today, we want to celebrate those communities that have endured for ten years, maintaining strong, active communities and building up a wealth of knowledge in their domains. The six sites that have anniversaries this quarter cover a lot of diverse ground, but still find new questions to ask. These sites are listed below, along with some links to interesting or popular questions and the top tag on each site.


A site for questions and answers about cryptography. Most questions are about modern cryptography, and the site design reflects this. The site supports MathJax / TeX, as cryptography is based on mathematics. Many capable users can answer even the most technical questions. The site welcomes questions about topics such as post-quantum cryptography, cryptographic hash functions, and algorithms such as RSA and AES.

– Interesting Questions: One, Two, & Three / Most Popular Tag: encryption


Signal Processing

A site with high-quality answers for practitioners of the art and science of signal, image, and video processing. Questions about theory, practice, algorithm recommendations and debugging, or conceptual topics are welcomed.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: image-processing


French Language and Usage

A site for linguists, teachers, students, and anyone interested in the finer points of the French language. The site welcomes a variety of questions about French (including regional or dialectal variants).

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: grammaire



A site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity, and those interested in learning more. You may ask questions about any area of Christianity. Your own beliefs do not not preclude you from asking questions, but all questions must be directly related to Christianity. Questions about the history of denominations, understanding the Bible from the perspective of a specific viewpoint, explanations of the beliefs and practices of a denomination or movement, and biblical basis for beliefs and practice are welcome.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: catholicism



A site for Bitcoin users and enthusiasts. If you have a question about how to use or accept Bitcoins, the Bitcoin network or protocol, the open-source Bitcoin client or other Bitcoin software, technologies or events that are applicable and relevant to the Bitcoin network and users of the Bitcoin currency in the past, present, or future, then this site is for you.

– Interesting Questions: One, Two, & Three / Most Popular Tag: bitcoin-core



A question and answer site for linguists, language enthusiasts, and people who have some interest in how languages work. The questions could be about the evolution of aspects of language, the various theories used for understanding linguistic phenomena, morphology, syntax, phonology, and many other topics that come under the scientific study of language.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: syntax

We’ll be highlighting our proud ten-year-olds every quarter. There’s a whole lot of knowledge on our Stack Exchange sites, and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to see what they offer. Come back in a few months to see who else has made it to ten years!

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