podcast October 1, 2021

Podcast 380: It’s 2FA’s world, we’re just living in it.

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On today’s episode we talk about Microsoft’s big push towards a world without passwords. We also discuss what it’s been like to live and work in a world increasingly dominated by two-factor authentication (2FA), and sometimes three-factor authentication. Last but not least we talk a little bit more about our favorite game, Dwarf Fortress, and the joys of procedurally generated worlds.

Episode Notes

Check out more about Microsoft’s efforts to ditch passwords here.

When  2FA just won’t do, 3FA to the rescue. Just pray we aren’t headed towards five factors.

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podcast September 3, 2021

Podcast 372: Why yes, I do have a patent on a time machine

This week we chat with Angie Jones, Java champion, prolific inventor, and senior director of developer relations at Applitools. She previously held roles at Twitter and IBM. She explains why visual testing can catch things you would miss if you just scan the DOM, what actually makes a 10x developer, and how she secured a…
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Director of Content