podcast October 19, 2021

Podcast 385: Getting your first job off the CSS mailing list

You're crafting the color of the button on the component of the feature for the platform, m'kay.
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It’s a reunion episode featuring a Stack Overflow classic crew:

Ben Popper, director of content at Stack Overflow, Paul Ford, co-founder of Postlight, and Sara Chipps, engineering manager for Flagship architecture at LinkedIn.

We talk about Paul getting his first job in software from a footer note on the CSS mailing list. Later we chat about Sara’s experience going from a company with hundreds of engineers, to one with thousands.

Episode Notes

At LinkedIn scale, it pays to save your developers a few minutes or even seconds, on repeat tasks. Sara walks us through her experience managing senior engineers, and trying to improve developer experience and tooling, on a massive, global platform with over a billion user interactions a month.

Paul  shares some of his firm’s latest work, helping to visualize the impact of climate change at Probable Futures. Interested in doing work in software focused on climate change? Paul recommends you learn a bit about NetCDF files.

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Enjoy our brain teaser of the week: a new way to cut pizza.




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