Podcast 394: what if you could invest in your favorite developer?

Get your Benjamins before they blow up.

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Open source software makes it easier for anyone to contribute to the health and growth of a project's codebase. But how do you build a system where users and contributors can participate in the economic value being generated by an organization or platform? We chat with Bradley Miles and Sid Kalla, the co-founders of Roll, which is trying to create an API-first platform for creating tokens and markets that allow users to invest and share in the value of creators or communities they love.

Episode Notes

You can learn more about Roll, which describes itself as blockchain infrastructure for social money, here.

If you want to follow them on social, check out @tryrollhq as well as their personal socials: @bradley_miles_ and @sidkal.

If you are interested in this kind of tech, check out previous conversations on Web3 and our chat with Chris Dixon on blockchain.

Our lifeboat badge winner of the week is Notnooop, who explained how you can: Make An Emoji Enabling App.

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