Podcast 396: Does modern parenting require spyware?

Should developers build tools for parents to monitor every aspect of their children's digital lives?

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In this episode, Ben and Ryan chat about the tools available to parents who want to keep tabs on their kids while they are playing games or using apps. What roles do developers play in determining the ethics of these situations, and how do software savvy adults manage child rearing in an era where life is increasingly lived online?

The conversation was inspired by Epic's decision to make it's Kid's Web Service's parent verification free to all developers.

Ben has been grappling with these questions since 2013, when he wrote about allowing screen time into his young son's life.

One thing that old article does remind us; how incredibly indestructible the original iPad was. A true tank of a tablet!

Thanks to our lifeboat badge winner of the week, javimuu, for explaining: How to get a Thumbail / Preview image from Server Video Url in Swift 3.0


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