Check out the Stack Exchange sites that turned ten years old in Q4

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While millions of people come to Stack Overflow to find answers to their programming questions, there are well over a hundred sites within the Stack Exchange network, covering all kinds of topics from movies & tv to academia to global languages. We found that our question and answer format, along with a strong community focus, could be readily applied to a wide range of topics. As proof, many of those sites have lasted a decade or more, which, on the internet, is a lifetime.

Today, we want to celebrate those communities that have endured for ten years, maintaining strong, active communities and building up a wealth of knowledge in their domains. The eight sites that have anniversaries this quarter cover a lot of diverse ground, but still find new questions to ask. These sites are listed below, along with some links to interesting or popular questions and the top tag on each site.


A site for questions and answers for historians and history buffs. Questions that deal with historical events, cultures and historic practices, ancient languages, human prehistory, historiography, and famous people are welcomed.

– Interesting Questions: One, Two, & Three / Most Popular Tag: world-war-two



A site for LEGO® and building block enthusiasts. If you use LEGO® or one of a number of compatible systems that share similar building techniques, and need answers to your questions (or would like to answer questions about these systems), this is the place for you. Most questions will cover building techniques for a particular part of a model, history of the LEGO® groups or elements, care and organization of your bricks, techniques for getting the most out of your Mindstorm Robots, and replciating advanced building techniques in CAD applications.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: part-identification


Spanish Language

A site for learners and enthusiasts of the Spanish language. We clarify the basic rules, the differences between the regional variants and research the origin of some obscure words.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: traducción


Computational Science

A site for questions and answers about computational methods used in technical disciplines. Questions about software packages or languages used broadly in computational science, algorithms or methods used to solve problems in applied mathematics, and methods for a given application area are welcomed on the site.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: finite-element


Movies and TV

A community of movie and TV show enthusiasts who love to explore and understand plot points, dig into characters' arcs, and analyze the underlying concepts and themes behind movies and TV shows and how they achieve to fascinate us.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: plot-explanation


Chinese Language

A site for experts, language enthusiasts and people who have interest in the Chinese language. Whether you're a native speaker or not, this is the place for you. This site is about discussing about the finer points of the language, but also about less expert questions that might be encountered both when learning the language itself or when you're just interested in how it works.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: translation



A site for people studying biology at any level. Questions are from students, academics, and active researchers in biology and closely related fields, including general questions about biological concepts, questions about the biological mechanisms behind medical conditions, and questions about techniques in a biological or biochemical laboratory.

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: human-biology


Russian Language - Русский язык

Русский язык (Russian Language) is a Russian-only Q&A website for those interested in different aspects of the Russian language. If you're looking to uncover the nuances of the Russian language, the site can become your лучший друг!

Most Upvoted Question / Most Popular Tag: пунктуация

We’ll be highlighting our proud ten-year-olds every quarter. There’s a whole lot of knowledge on our Stack Exchange sites, and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to see what they offer. Come back in a few months to see who else has made it to ten years!

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