podcast December 7, 2021

Podcast 398: Feeling insecure about code’s security

Are your TikTok confessions GDPR-compliant?
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The home team talks about developer-first application security, the benefits of security-as-a-service, and whether a TikTok trend is GDPR-compliant.

Episode notes

This “Trojan source” bug (get it?) could threaten the security of all code.

In its annual report on its user community, GitHub found that developers appreciate automation, reusing code, and remote work. (No surprises there.) Ceora explains how automation and code reuse are game changers for independent developers and how this logic is spreading to big tech companies, too.

GitHub’s first Chief Security Officer has the company focused on keeping your repo secure.

GDPR  makes you legally responsible for data someone else shares with you. That’s just one of the reasons it’s not a good idea to solicit personal information through a form and then read those secrets on TikTok.


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