Developers vs the difficulty bomb (Ep. 459)

Developers on a deadline. Failure to ship means an explosion of complexity. Finish the project...or just find a way to delay the boom.

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The home team chats about Ethereum's long-delayed difficulty bomb and what engineering by consensus looks like when there is no centralized authority insisting on a ship date. Plus, how to contribute to commercial open-source projects, the fascinating research behind Figma’s spring animation, and more rumors of Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headset.

An interesting podcast episode on the multiple delays that have kept Ethereum from its long-anticipated merge and kicked the difficulty bomb down the road.

Since we recorded, more news broke about delaying the boom.

How to Find Open Source Projects to Contribute




A pretty cool write up on the creation of spring animations by a few Figma engineers.

Looking to build your own image search engine? Check out APIs from Clarifai and Roboflow that make it easy to train your own ML model.

A creative and interesting Codepen from a newly minted Figma engineer. And for those who enjoy the CSS art of yummy snacks, Cassidy’s Codepen has a few treats.

Yet another rumor about Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset. Will it ever arrive, and how would its demands for GPU-intensive work mesh with Apple’s hardware ecosystem?

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